Shorebased Services: all based upon availability

  • 3,000' Linear Feet of Dockage Space
  • 13 Acres of Lay-Down Yard
  • Indoor Warehousing
  • Freshwater Supply available at dock (pump rate up-to 50,000 gal/hr)
  • Welding Operations approved at dock pending “Hot Work Permit” application & approval (can supply Welding Team if needed- RFQ)
    • All Welding operations will be held torn-house JSA requirements
  • Three Loading/Offloading Points:
    • 1 x 300 Ton, 2 x 150 Ton Cranes - lifting specifications may decrease weight capacities- RFQ
    • 3 x 35,000 lb forklifts - lifting specifications may decrease weight capacities - RFQ
  • Private & Secured Parking Spots
  • Office Space & Operations Assistance available
  • Overnight Bunks, Housing with full Kitchen, Laundry & Toiletries
  • 24/7/365 Dispatch with over 100 years experience in the domestic and international shipping industry
  • Project Management having worked with many Multi-National O&G Clients

Waterside Transportation along U.S. Gulf Coast

  • Crew Change & Vessel Supplies Delivery
  • Freshwater Supply
  • Dive Support
  • Anchor Retrieval
  • Specialty in working with Foreign Flagged Vessels and handling U.S. Formalities
  • Offshore Specialty Vessels upon request and availability

Procurement, Outsourcing, Project Management, Referrals to Associate & Cooperating Partners

  • Marine & Shore-based Staffing Supply
  • Land-Based Transportation (bonded, licensed & insured)
  • Foreign Flagged Vessel Supplies Bonded Freight Forwarding Services and Drayage
  • APHIS Waste Transportation, Processing & Disposal
  • Scaffolding equipment and personnel/labor

Other Services Include

  • Water Transportation of Bonded Spares, Supplies, Ship Stores, etc.
  • AMS offloading of Vessel Supplies / American Returned Goods
  • Vessel Entry and Clearance with CBP
  • ENOA handling with U.S.C.G.
  • Slop Removal
  • Long Term Storage
  • Cold Storage
  • 24-hour Launch Service capability